Outdoor Containers

CopperTree searches for containers that make an architectural statement, add style, color and function to your landscape design.

Our focus is on four season weather resistant containers that provide a beautiful counterpoint throughout the four seasons. Containers should frame a view, drive the eye toward a focal point or screen an unintended view. They can punctuate a statement in the landscape by providing texture and interest at multiple levels.

The companies we feature are:

  • Pacific Home & Garden
  • GistDecor
  • Gardenstone
  • Pacific Arts & Crafts
  • Slate Naturally
  • Stonewear

We also offer 4 season change outs for the residential or commercial client that wants their containers to perform at their maximum potential.  We can plant them for you onsite or come into the store and we will put a combination together for you to increase your enjoyment and success.