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5 Aug 2015

How professional is your potential landscaper - Part 2 by Laurie McWilliams

How professional is your potential landscaper - Part 2 by Laurie McWilliams

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There is so much to discuss on this topic that I wanted to continue my blog entry from last week.   Choosing a partner for your landscape project is an important decision and there are many things to consider.

Have you thought about how you plan to use your outdoor space?  Adding an outdoor room involves similar questioning as adding an interior space.

How will you use this space? Will you lounge and use it as a retreat or will you entertain? How many will you entertain? Would you entertain more with the right space? What age groups would you host?

If your potential landscape professional does not ask you these questions you better think twice about your investment as you may spend more and get less then what you actually need.

As when making garden and plant decisions, you have to ask, what are the maintenance requirements for this space? Any investment of time, energy and money requires thought and a plan.  Planning saves a lot of headaches as well as financial resources.

You want to work with industry professionals that are interested in collaborating with you to create a space that suits YOUR needs not the type of space they think you should have.  You are a necessary part of the process and the decision making.

Just as there are endless paint colors and finishes, flooring options, laminates, granites and finishing details for interior rooms there are many ways to interpret your outdoor room.  The design comes first.

Once you have a collaborative design you will have a road map that you can implement in phases; as you have the time, money and energy.  When you are finished there will be continuity to the space that makes sense and seems like it was always meant to be and not just a quick add-on.  An industry professional works with you to choose the correct timing for each phase of the project so that nothing has to be undone, thus saving money and time.

Now that you have your plan, your professional landscaping team should not be finished.  To be a full service provider they should be able to assist you in furnishing the space and adding your particular personality to make it uniquely you. There are so many options to consider for outdoor furnishings, shade, water, fire and heat requirements.  You will save money and benefit from a guide to help in choosing the fabrics, frames and details that will add to the quality and color of your life, fully accomplishing your original intent in adding your outdoor room.

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