Plant Care Tips

Smart Watering

More plants die from over-watering than under watering, but that doesn't mean you can forget them. If you aren't getting regular rain and the soil is dry, a pencil-sized stream next to the plants ensures that the water goes down and does not run off. On larger plants and trees, move the hose around the perimeter of the drip line during the watering process.

Be aware:

  • Clay soils generally do not drain, dry out or percolate water so stick your finger into the soil determine if it’s moist or dry.

  • Mulched plants hold moisture longer

  • Limp plants are generally an indicator of very dry conditions (hydrangeas are a good barometer for dryness). If you water and the plant doesn't perk up in a few hours, it’s an indicator the plant is being over-watered. Let it dry out before resuming a watering schedule.

  • Shady areas require less watering, while sunny areas require more watering

  • Don’t let rain fool you. You must have at least an inch of rain to provide any real benefits to larger shrubs & trees.

Instructions for Watering in Cool Weather

Instructions for Watering in Hot Weather

Fertilizing Tips

Use organic BioFlora Dry Crumbles® in the spring and fall.If you find that a plant is stressed at any time, applying Seaweed Creme® and Humega® will add the necessary biology to the soil to give a boost to the plant’s life systems. If you have pet urine, chlorosis or salt issues, call us so we can customize an organic solution for you.