About BioFlora

BioFlora was founded in 1972 and was the first company to make up what is now Global Organics® Group. Global Organics® is the leading provider of biological nutrients for sustainable and healthy soil, plant, animal and human bioactivity and development. To learn more, visit www.globalorganicsgroup.com/.


Humega  is comprised of many different characteristics that are not found in most other organic acid products. BioFlora  has unique manufacturing processes that utilize organic extraction methods which help sustain beneficial microorganisms.

Working with Humega will benefit any soil, anywhere in the world. It is a soil recovery product essential to conventional and sustainable growers.  

Once soil ecology is working correctly, it is significantly easier to develop a nutrient program to better meet the plant’s growing needs.  It all starts with the soil.

How Can Humega Help Your Soils:

    • Reduce salts
    • Inhibits soil pathogens
    • Saves Water
    • Builds Soil Carbon
    • Enhances N-P-K Applications

For more information about how Humega can make an immediate impact for you, contact us at info@coppertreedesigns.com or 217.793.0900.