CopperTree Organics Turf Program

CopperTree is excited to offer an organic turf program that has been used successfully on the west coast in the agriculture industry for the last 30 years and is now being offered in the horticulture industry. The bio-technology behind these products has been used successfully by athletic teams like the Cardinal, Royals and Twins, and on college athletic fields and professional golf courses. This product complies with California’s stringent organics laws. Your lawn deserves the same treatment.

Get Results More Quickly
Reduced Cost Over Time
100% Safe for Kids, Pets & the Environment

Years of synthetic use has destroyed the necessary biology the earth should naturally have to properly nourish plant life. Our testing has revealed that using the right combination of these products leads to improved root development and healthier leaf and stem structure. The products also improve immune systems and the ability to convert nutrient access to the plant at the cellular level more quickly than any other product on the market. This technology will replace traditional fertilizer products in the next few years but you can experience it today.

Besides being organic and sustainable we can reduce your footprint on the earth immediately. We can cut your use of herbicides and insecticides from 50-100% year one. Why wait?

Program Options

Currently there is no effective organic solution to deal with crabgrass. Therefore, you may want to implement a HYBRID PROGRAM that uses about half the traditional amount of pre-emergent. We can control broad leaf weeds in the same manner by spot-spraying instead of applying a blanket treatment. We do have 100% organic insecticides if needed.

A 100% ORGANIC PROGRAM is available if you can live with a few weeds to start, until we can get tight root development. You can certainly spot-dig annoying weeds or we can collaborate on a spot-spray plan. 

You will need fewer applications as you bring the soil back to life. Applications of Dry Crumbles® can be cut by 1/3 year two and up to 1/2 by year three (depending on soil’s existing condition). Year one will require four applications, followed by three during the second year, leveling at two applications moving forward, or as needed.

Option 1 - Hybrid Organic
We will use a small amount of pre-emergent for crab grass control in the spring. We will spot-treat, not blanket spray for broadleaf weeds. We can cut the chemical use by half using new technology. The remaining applications will be organic and sustainable products that will ensure the plants and soil are working together at their optimum level.

Early Spring - Application of pre-emergent and Dry Crumbles
Late Spring - Dry Crumbles and Humega® applied; spot spray for weeds
Fall - Dry Crumbles, Humega and Seaweed Creme® application; spot spray for weeds.

Option 2 - 100% Organic
We will use only organic and sustainable applications. Some weeds may arise over time but we can effectively crowd them out by building healthier root systems. Homeowners can remove weeds or spot spray. You may request that we spot-spray with a formulation that allows us to cut traditional herbicides by 50%. We can also collaborate on a spray plan using BioFlora technology for other weeds.

Early Spring - Application of Dry Crumbles
Late Spring - Dry Crumbles and Humega applied
Fall - Dry Crumbles, Humega and Seaweed Creme applied