Early 20th century family home.

Any good project is a collaboration of design and function that relies on the designer and client to work closely on what they need, what they want and how to live with it. The design is the critical first step.  Materials decide the look, feel and care requirements of the home owner.

These clients were a joyful revelation. They literally went into the project not interacting much outside to literally changing work routines to include outdoor rooms as work and meeting spaces.

Generous cedar posts encased in stone, arched entrances, pergola sitelines served to frame views and lower the eye to enjoy a more intimate feeling.

Organic forms as Art

3550 Mayflower Blvd. Suite D

Springfield, IL. 62711




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Garden Leaf screens

Laser cut screens framed in cedar help to make the 'pocket porch' feel more private to the home owner.